Roads & Bridges

Public Roads & Bridges are now the focus of Spazzarini Construction Co., LLC.  While our early years were spent as building and site general contractors we have since evolved into a premier heavy/highway contractor.

With our fleet of dependable machinery, we can compete with companies through the state with our exceptional quality work and competitive prices.

Our in-house structural concrete team is effective and knowledgeable and can construct complex concrete structures with ease and efficiency.

Our most recent bridge project we’ve completed was CTDOT Project 0129-0115 Reconstruction of Gillette’s Brook Bridge located in Somers CT. This bridge was constructed with a 35’ long, 3-sided ridged frame culvert resting on cast-in-place footings with micropile supports.

A recent highlight for major road construction projects is CTDOT Project 0134-0147: Modern Roundabout at RTE 190 and RTE 319 located in Stafford CT. This phased project consisted of the installation of a new 85’ radius roundabout with a stamped concrete truck apron and stamped concrete splitter islands. This roundabout was constructed with heavy traffic through the site and is now a feature for the town of Stafford.