We believe that integrating cutting edge technology on projects is important because it leads to greater efficiency and higher quality results.

GPS Stakeout

We have successfully integrated the use of TOPCON GPS construction staking equipment within our company. This equipment utilizes global positioning constellations to accurately provide horizontal and vertical stakes and grades within a centimeter of accuracy. This system reduces the time and cost required for construction staking by avoiding the many instrument set-ups and brush cutting for sight lines that tradition methods require.

GPS Machine Control

GPS Machine Control is currently the forefront of modern site construction. GPS Machine Control allows heavy equipment to utilize GPS information and determines the current location of the machine on earth and compares it to a desired design surface. Using this data, the machine operator can accurately position machinery, check grades, and automate equipment functions. By using various sensors and displays installed on the machine, this system gives the operator a clear reference between the position of the bucket or blade and the design surface.

Spazzarini Construction Co., LLC has integrated 2 GPS Machine Control Bulldozers into our heavy equipment fleet. Our trained operators can use the GPS Machine Control to automate material installation and grading. The automated system moves the Bulldozer blade to grade by talking to the machines hydraulics. This saves operator time, money, and fuel because the system can accurately install layers of materials without having to check grades multiple times.

Future Technologies

In the near future we will be adding GPS Machine Control to Excavators. This technology will give our operators the information needed to quickly excavate / grade / and install materials faster than currently used techniques. By reducing the effects of human error with systems like this, Spazzarini Construction Co., LLC will continue to grow and function efficiently and effectively into the future.