Grading & Paving

Proper grading and paving techniques all start with the having the right equipment for the job. Spazzarini Construction Co., LLC. offers the ability to use our highly precise services and equipment to give any project accurate grading.

With our state-of-the-art surveying equipment and crews, we can accurately map out and grade a project quickly and efficiently. Having the ability to keep everything in-house keeps our operations streamlined and we can offer proper grading techniques at minimal costs.

Our finely tuned equipment is always kept at its peak operating efficiency. We offer a multitude of grading and compaction equipment that can handle any project offered.

Spazzarini Construction Co., LLC has GPS Machine Control installed on equipment that allows precise grading and material handling. This equipment speeds up installation with minimal waste. The GPS Machine Control can also control the hydraulics of the machines to grade roadways and parking lots.

While our company does not self-perform large paving operations, we can offer competitive prices with the use of subcontractors located around the state.

For more information on our Grading and Paving Services, please call us at (860) 745-5683

Surveying News

Spazzarini Construction Co., LLC. offers both standard surveying services as well as our new GPS surveying equipment. Both systems offer precise accuracy but the new GPS equipment allows our survey team to survey and grade a project with exceptional efficiency.